Prepare the child for the path     not the path for the child

Bree- Therapist Aide

Bree joined the Child’s Path team in 2017 upon graduating from high school. She is currently a therapist aide and is pursuing her undergraduate degree.


Sierra- Therapist Aide

Sierra, an early high school graduate, began working at Child’s Path in February 2018. She is a therapist aide and is working towards an undergraduate degree. Sierra wants to eventually become an RBT. When she’s not working or studying, she likes to volunteer and be around family.

Andrew- Therapist Aide

Andrew is originally from Colorado Springs, but moved to Texas in 2012. He began working at Child's Path in May of 2017 as a Therapist Aide. ​​Andrew is currently  working towards becoming an RBT and is pursing his Bachelor’s degree at Collin College. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar.


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