Social Skills Groups


Behavior Consultation Services

Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and qualified staff administer individualized assessments and parent interviews to help develop a unique treatment plan for your child. Our experienced BCBA will train your child's team of qualified behavior therapists and update programming regularly to ensure continued progress. Programming promotes a comprehensive approach to intervention as providers work closely with parents and other outside professionals using in-home observations to ensure generalization of skills, conducting regular team meetings, and administering functional behavior assessments as needed.

Focus of Intervention

Programming focuses on improving the following areas:

• Attention & Cooperation
• Motivation for Learning
• Verbal Behavior/ Communication Skills
• Adaptive Skills
• Play and Leisure Skills
• Social Interaction
• School Readiness
• Other Developmentally Appropriate Skills

Programming may also focus on reducing challenging behaviors, such as:

• Noncompliance
• Self-Injurious-Behavior
• Tantrums
• Transitions
• Other Problematic or Disruptive Behaviors

Social Skills Groups

Our social skills classes are evidence based and have been designed by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst and our master level behavior analysts. Each social skills class has a maximum student/therapist ratio of 4:1.
Peer modeling is available in most of our social skills groups.

Social skills classes focus on:

  • Providing the necessary skills to develop and maintain purposeful relationships

  • Bolstering self-worth and a sense of belonging

  • Creating opportunities to share hopes, fears and interests

  • To teach about the social world outside of our families and self.

Direct 1:1 Therapy

Your child will have a dedicated and qualified team of therapists who will provide a support system for you and your family. Team members work in conjunction with BCBAs, Lead Therapists, and parents to provide the highest quality of therapy possible. Direct therapy is available in center or in-home based on recommendations by the BCBA.